4 Benefits of Having Your HVAC System Maintenance Done

An HVAC system is an investment that keeps your home comfortable every day. If something goes wrong, that quickly turns into inconvenience and expensive repairs. Fortunately, preventative AC maintenance from Evans Mechanical can keep systems running smoothly for years to come for Humbolt County, CA homeowners.

It Makes Your System More Energy Efficient

Regular preventative maintenance for your HVAC system, enables it to operate with efficiency. Our visits consist of cleaning the cooling coils, blades and additional equipment. Doing so allows the coils to cool while using less energy – resulting in lower utility bills for you.

It Lengthens the Life of Your Equipment

Maintaining your HVAC system keeps it running well for years. When not properly maintained, it can fail and need to be replaced much more quickly. That’s especially important for your compressor, which is a vital part your HVAC system and can be expensive to repair. Regular use of your heating and cooling system causes dirt and film to build up on the coils. This increases the compressor’s work to compress the refrigerant. But coils that are cleaned regularly operate smoothly and more efficiently and curtail the need for expensive repairs.

It Improves the Air Quality

Regular use of your HVAC throughout the year causes it to collect debris from the various components. That debris can then be circulated back into your home, which significantly reduces the environment’s air quality. But when our technicians perform regular maintenance, they remove that debris – resulting in air that’s free of pollution.

It Reduces Repairs

With regular HVAC maintenance, you lessen the need for emergency repairs that can be costly. Our visits include thoroughly inspecting the system’s workings. Our technicians search for damaged components needing to be replaced, which can prevent more severe problems down the road.

Located in Eureka, CA, Evans Mechanical specializes in Indoor Air Quality and HVAC services, as well as Bryant ductless and HVAC systems, Dalkin Mini Split heat pumps, Rinnal Direct vent furnaces, and Velux solar energy. Schedule a preventative maintenance appointment today.