AC Unit Service in Willow Creek, CA

AC Unit Service in Willow Creek, CAHaving been in business for over two decades, Evans Mechanical employs a team of top-notch HVAC technicians who take enormous pride in their work. And in a space as populated as ours, a long track record of good service carries a lot of weight with customers and competitors alike. Reliable AC unit performance is often taken for granted…until something malfunctions, which can often lead to costly AC repair of one sort or another. Without having professionally trained eyes on your AC unit in Willow Creek, you may not realize the nature of your cooling system’s service needs. Schedule your appointment today and let one of our team members assess the state of your AC unit before exploring any of these various service offerings:

During the summer months, your AC unit is likely to experience sustained periods of heavy usage. There is good sense in prioritizing HVAC maintenance this time of year, even if we do tend to take our machines for granted. Doing so may keep you from having to part ways with too much hard-earned cash needed for costly AC repairs in Willow Creek.

Dependable AC Unit Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service in Willow CreekJust as you ensure your vehicle receives oil changes and tire rotations on a routine basis, so too should your AC unit be regularly serviced by a knowledgeable technician. Our skillful experts know just what it is they’re looking for when evaluating a given cooling system. As our team also has years of experience with air conditioning installation in Willow Creek, CA, we are closely familiar with every AC unit’s inner workings, right down to the smallest of components.

Evans Mechanical: Products

To better serve our widespread customer base, Evans Mechanical keeps a sizable inventory of HVAC products on-hand at all times. This also allows us to more immediately address mechanical failures with customer AC units when we encounter them. Our product line-up includes:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ductless systems
  • Evaporator coils

Evans Mechanical has established a strong reputation throughout Humboldt County. We have every intention of building upon that reputation with each appointment, no matter the size and scope of the service call. Contact us for your heating and cooling needs today!