Is It Advisable to Replace a 20-Year-Old Air Conditioner?

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The lifespan of an air conditioner is essential to consider when concerned about the safety and comfort of the home. Over time, with regular use, the unit’s performance can decline. Once the AC system reaches the age of 20, homeowners should seriously consider replacing it with a newer model. Doing so may be a wise investment that potentially avoids a catastrophic breakdown at the worst time.

The Average Lifespan

On average, the lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 to 20 years. Homeowners should check their owner’s manual or perform the necessary research to determine how many years the unit typically lasts. When the model reaches its end stage, replacing it is wise because mechanical issues might occur more frequently, making the unit costlier to own. As the unit ages, it will eventually break down and become inoperable.

Routine Maintenance Checks

An HVAC technician can provide insights into whether a unit requires immediate replacement. The technician might notice wear-and-tear problems and other issues that indicate a failing unit. Homeowners who request routine cleanings, inspections, and maintenance can access technicians capable of making such assessments. Remember, owning a reliable air conditioner is essential.

A Chance to Upgrade

HVACs and air conditioners, like automobiles and computers, experience technological improvements. An older model may lack the numerous helpful features newer air conditioners come with, so upgrading from a 20-year-old model to the latest one may enable you to access smart features and other technological perks.

Cutting Down on Waste

Older air conditioners might not perform as efficiently as newer ones. So, the unit might suffer from poor efficiency, meaning higher energy bill costs. The money a homeowner saves by reducing waste and inefficiency could go toward paying the costs of the new HVAC unit.

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