Are AC Tune-Ups Even Worth It?

There is not a machine in existence designed to run forever. At least not without receiving scheduled maintenance. It is true that HVAC technology has made great strides in recent years, and most can endure a long stretch of sustained usage without succumbing to wear or crippling malfunction. But even cutting-edge AC units are prone to unforeseen damage and the like. Extended periods of dormancy, for instance, can often result in rust and debris accumulation on and around your air conditioning unit, neither of which is ideal for any mechanical instrument.

On the other side of the equation, high output on a steady basis is certain to result in wear throughout the cooling system’s inner workings. The residents of Eureka are closely acquainted with hot summer months and with the sound of an AC unit humming away during the daylight hours. And quite often, the system is performing wonderfully. When it isn’t, however, you might need the experts at Evans Mechanical to take a look at the issue.

In setting aside time for regularly scheduled tune-ups, you will both extend the life of your air conditioning unit and reduce the likelihood of a major mechanical problem, disabling the system entirely. There are simply too many variables in play (environment, component wear, etc.) to discount the importance of an AC tune up. And because Evans Mechanical provides cost effective service plans for its Eureka customers, you will find the tune up process both sensible and affordable.

A final consideration with respect to AC tune-ups is the fact that they allow for convenient in-home consultations with Evans Mechanical HVAC technicians who know their craft exceedingly well. Aside from evaluating your AC unit itself, our service professionals will take the opportunity to assess your overall air conditioning situation. Filters, air quality, light exposure—all of these contribute to your home’s AC health. A bi-annual tune-up is very much worth the money on its own, but a general reading of your overall HVAC situation makes the service worthwhile. Keep that in mind each time you notice your air conditioning unit humming along to keep you cool. Contact us today with any questions you have regarding tune-ups!