The Rise of Tankless Water Heaters

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Tankless hot water heaters are just that – they have no storage tank that stores the hot water until you are ready to use it. Instead, cold water is heated as it passes through the tank, delivering hot water at a rate of 2 to 5 gallons per minute. The common low flow shower head delivers 2 gallons of water per minute total. That means a tankless water system can easily keep up with your morning shower.

Advantages of Tankless Water Systems

One of the reasons more homeowners are switching to tankless systems is the bottom line savings that can be seen on your annual energy bill. One estimate puts the savings at more than $100 per year. Consider these other reasons for making the move to tankless.

  • they are between 25 and 35 more energy efficient than conventional water heaters
  • because the units come in smaller sizes, they can be strategically placed around the home
  • their service life is generally 5 years longer than conventional hot water tanks
  • its initial higher cost will be offset by the energy savings you will get for 20 or more years of its life expectancy

Considerations Before Buying

Other than the higher initial cost, there are no major disadvantages to using a tankless unit. But you do have to carefully shop around and select the unit that best meets your home’s needs. For example, if you are taking a shower and trying to run the dishwasher at the same time, you may find the unit you purchased cannot keep up with the demand for hot water.

Here are several other things to look for:

  • the maximum water flow rate
  • electric versus gas heated water
  • the size of the unit

You may need several tankless units to provide enough water for your home. However, this can also be an advantage because each area of the home can have different water demand s throughout the day, so supply is spread throughout the home instead of a single source.

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