Fortuna’s Heating Maintenance Experts

Your home’s heating unit is an intricate machine that requires regular maintenance. At Evans Mechanical, we maintain both furnaces and heat pumps in Fortuna, CA. This helps you extend the lifespan of your heating system and ensure that it works as efficiently as possible. We started our company in 1995. Ever since then, residents of the Friendly City have been relying on us to keep them warm with the cool weather rolls through. We provide the furnace service you need.

Heating Maintenance in Fortuna, CA

Our company is:
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Equipped with modern technology
  • Dedicated to excellence

Benefits of Maintaining Your System

Benefits of Maintaining Your SystemMaintenance for your heating system can decrease costs associated with fixing issues. It can also increase your unit’s reliability. Regular maintenance will keep your heating system operating as efficiently as possible. When your system operates efficiently, it uses fewer resources to run and decreases your energy bills. A study published by the Environmental Protection Agency found that a well-maintained heat pump uses as much as 25% less energy than a unit that has never been maintained.

Additional heating maintenance benefits include:
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your unit
  • Giving your home better indoor air quality
  • Added fire protection
  • Increasing the lifespan of your system

Furnace service also improves a home’s indoor air quality. When systems aren’t maintained, they can circulate airborne pathogens and other contaminants. Frequent tune-ups are especially important if you have a gas furnace. These systems produce byproducts during the combustion process that may corrode your system and cause leaks to develop.

Furnace Service You Can Trust

At Evans Mechanical, we deliver furnace service that you can trust. Our heating maintenance service agreements are affordable and designed to keep your system running effectively for years. You can also count on us to treat you with respect and clean up after we’re done. When you enter into a furnace maintenance contract with a service provider, you’re protecting your home against fire. The National Fire Protection Agency reports that space heating is the second most common cause of fires after cooking. Having your heating equipment cleaned and inspected regularly can prevent fires from forming. Regular maintenance also makes your unit last longer. Heating maintenance technicians can locate and resolve small problems with your furnace before they become big malfunctions. Since maintenance consists of steps like cleaning and lubricating your system, it will run in a healthier and safer way.

We’re proud to serve Fortuna with the best in heating maintenance services. Contact us to make an appointment today.