6 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Are you currently bothered by your home’s air quality? Most people believe that the air outside their front door is worse than that inside their house. Recent studies reveal that internal air has specific health complications. However, you can significantly improve it using these six techniques.

Air Purification

Often air cleaners and purifiers appear to be different products. However, they both help in improving your indoor air quality. Also, they play a significant role in eliminating harmful organic compounds which carpets, disinfectants, and paint emit. Purifiers are mostly useful in removing airborne particles including dust mites and mold. Also, they are handy if one of your family members is allergic.


A standard dehumidifier is a household device that minimizes humidity in your indoor air. Also, they remove musty odor that promotes the growth of mildew. One can use large dehumidifiers in commercial apartments to minimize evaporation. A dehumidifier extracts water from the conditioned air. Since it isn’t safe for human consumption, you can discard or reuse the water. Some dehumidifiers models dispose of excess water in vapor form.

Duct Cleaning

A typical household generates considerable amounts of chemicals, dander, and dust. The home’s HVAC system pulls in such contaminants and re-circulates them up to six times a day. Frequent recirculation results to an accumulation of chemicals in the duct system. Dirty ducts often harbor various pollutants hence causing severe health complications. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your pipes to improve your air quality regularly.

Ductwork Replacement

Many homeowners install ductwork systems in closed-in areas in the homes including between walls and through ceilings. Therefore, a broken duct easily allows dangerous contaminants to enter into your house. You need to replace them to have high air quality regularly.

Zone Dampers and Control Systems

Zone dampers use a thermostat to link to the main control panel. They block and release cold or hot air. Also, they allow you to choose a particular temperature setting for each room. Moreover, you can adjust each thermostat to an ideal cooling or heating level.

Use Non-toxic Cleaning Products

Low air quality is primarily caused by using traditional household cleansers. When purchasing a cleaning product, you should check its ingredients to ensure that they can do a perfect job. Ideal components include hot water, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and distilled vinegar.

Moreover, if you prefer bottled products, don’t blindly trust their labels. Instead, conduct online research before buying them. Go for products with plant-based ingredients rather than artificial dyes. Products with few elements are the most efficient.

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