Handling Backed Up Sewer Lines

plumbingAs one of the premier Plumbers in McKinleyville CA, Evans Mechanical knows that many of the problems of broken or clogged sewer lines can go ignored until the damage becomes expensive and dangerous. We are ready to provide McKinleyville residents and those who live in the surrounding communities A+ Drain Clearing and Sewer Repair services when you need them.

The first thing to know is that sewer problems are almost always a job for professional plumbers to tackle. This is especially true if you do not know or are unsure of why the problem occurred. A sewer line that is clogged and backs up waste water into your kitchen or bathroom can cause health problems even after the pipe is repaired.

Your House Talks To You – Sometimes

One of the more common signs there is something wrong with your sewer lines is a bubbling or gurgling sound that comes from your kitchen drain or your toilet. The amount of gurgling or bubbling does not matter – if it continues then yo need to call a plumber to fix things before they get worse.

Other things to note about warning signs:

  • a backed up basement drain after the wash cycle needs to be investigated
  • a blockage can occur in one of the secondary lines, such as the line attached to your dishwasher
  • a main line problem will cause all of the connections – toilet, kitchen sink, and basement drain – to back up
  • having trees near your sewer line increases the likelihood that your main line can be damaged by tree roots

Even if there are no trees around your main sewer line, they are known to grow far and fast, so look across at your neighbor’s property to see what kind of trees they have.

Health Hazards

Perhaps the most important reason to call a plumber when waste water has backed up into your home is the risk of bacteria that cause illness hanging around your home. Water manages to find a way to get into the smallest cracks and on to places that are easily overlooked. Some examples are:

  • clothes on the bottom of the laundry basket
  • behind the toilet or under storage cabinets
  • on boxes on the floor used for storage

These “hidden dangers” can cause problems long after the problem has been fixed, so it is best to know what they are and deal with them immediately and completely.

Knowing Who To Call

Evans Mechanical is a reliable and dependable plumbing service that can has a staff of professional Plumbers in McKinleyville CA ready to come to your home. When it comes to Drain Clearing and Sewer Repair yo will not find a finer service in the area.

We also offer plumbing services in Arcata, Fortuna, and Willow Creek.