3 Common Autumn Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor Air Quality in Eureka, CA

Autumn is a pleasant time of the year in Eureka, CA. As the outdoor temperature and humidity levels drop, deciduous tree leaves change color and jack o’lanterns decorate front porches. As the weather cools, you may spend more time indoors. Be aware of these three common fall indoor air quality problems that could affect your health, comfort and well-being.

1. Particulate Matter

Many of the activities you’ll be doing this fall will generate particulate matter. Activities that create particulate matter include burning candles, burning wood in your fireplace, cooking with oil, using adhesives and paints and engaging in certain hobbies, such as woodworking. The particles float through your home’s air, and you breathe them into your lungs. Once in the lungs, these particles may trigger or worsen allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders.

2. Mold Spores

Mold is another common indoor air quality problem. When mold grows, it releases spores. The spores float through the air and land on a surface. Once they land on an amenable surface, they grow into a new colony. Mold spores need warm, humid air. Once you turn off your air conditioner and switch to heating, your home will be an ideal environment for mold growth. Dehumidifiers and air filters remove spores from your home’s air.

3. Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds are common indoor air pollutants. If you treat your home with pesticides to deter or get rid of an infestation before winter, the pesticide could release volatile organic compounds into your home’s air. Using a propane-powered space heater also results in the release of volatile organic compounds. If you’re dry cleaning upholstery, sealing floors or using special cleaning products to prepare for colder weather, these chemicals release a variety of volatile organic compounds.

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