Evans Mechanical is Your Source for Heat Pump and Electric Furnace Installation

We have been serving the Eureka, CA area since 1995, so we know just what to recommend when it’s time for a new electric furnace. We also have the experience needed to make sure everything goes smoothly both during and after the installation.

Electric FurnaceThere are many reasons for you to choose us when needing a new electric furnace, or a heat pump installation. One you’re sure to love is our 365-day test drive on new furnaces. You won’t have to worry about whether you like your new equipment with this guarantee!
Here are some other reasons to choose Evans Mechanical:

  • Locally owned
  • Family owned
  • Financing available with approved credit
  • Factory trained installers and techs
  • References available

Eureka Heat Pump and Forced Air Furnace Installation Professionals!

Proper forced air furnace installation starts with a consultation at your premises. This lets our Eureka team see important physical characteristics that factor into the size and type of furnace you’ll need.
Some of these factors include:

  • The size of the home
  • How much insulation is present
  • How windy the site is
  • The characteristics of the supporting infrastructure, such as ducts

Heat Pump and Forced Air Furnace Installation ProfessionalsMost of these factors go into a set of basic calculations, so recommending the right furnace or heat pump is fairly straightforward in these regards. The one thing that can vary quite a bit is the duct situation. If you’re simply getting a furnace replacement, your old ducts will probably work fine. However, if you are getting a furnace for the first time, your house may not have pre-existing ducts and will need to have them installed.

Enhancing Your Electric Furnace or Heat Pump

The first thing to consider is whether you want the stock thermostat or one with more features. For most people, the one that Evans Mechanical provides is a great option. However, we can also install one of the newer expanded-capability options if you let us know that’s what you prefer. The next thing to do is set up a service contract with us. This will give you priority when it’s time to get tune-ups and other service.

For furnace repair and heat pump installations, just call us here at Evans Mechanical. We serve Eureka, CA and all of the surrounding areas!

Not in need of a new electric furnace? We also offer furnace maintenance, as well as AC installation services.