We’re Your Heating Repair Experts in the Eureka, CA Area!

Like all mechanical equipment, furnaces sometimes need repairs. When this happens, Evans Mechanical is the company to call. We have been serving the Eureka, CA area with top-notch heat pump, boiler, and furnace repair since 1995, so we have the experience needed to quickly diagnose and fix your furnace, boiler, or heat pump system.

Here are some highlights of what puts us above the rest:
24 Hours Emergency Service

  • Family owned
  • Owned locally
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Factory trained techs

Specializing in Heat Pump and Furnace Repair in Eureka, CA

Heating Repair in Eureka, CAIf you start hearing strange or loud noises coming from somewhere in your furnace or heat pump, you can easily guess that a call to Evans Mechanical is in order. The same is true if you spot symptoms of impending failure like the system delivering less heat than usual while the blower is running. Then you will usually have a decent amount of time in which to schedule an appointment.
When the tech comes out, he will ask about how the unit has been behaving before opening it up for a look. The answers you give will help guide him about what to look at first, so try to be detailed. It is likely that he will also test key suspect parts with meters or other tools.
Once a diagnosis is made, it’ll be time for the repairs. Soon, your heat will be back on. To recap:

  • The tech will ask about the machine’s behavior
  • Diagnosis will be done using this information and special tools
  • The repairs will be completed

When There’s No Warning, Emergency Heating Repair Might Be Needed

This is when Evans Mechanical’s 24-hour emergency service comes into action. Some furnace, boiler, or heat pump problems give you no detectable warning. One day, the machine just won’t come on, or perhaps a belt snaps, or the air blows without providing heat. If that happens and it’s too cold to wait for a regular appointment, it’s worth the investment to speed things up. Whether you need heating service or installation right now or can wait for a regular appointment slot, call Evans Mechanical for your heating repair needs. We serve the entire Eureka, CA area and will be happy to help you return to warmth and comfort.