HVAC System Installation Services

Why Quality Products Are Essential

When you are out shopping for AC units or considering adding a few accessories to your existing HVAC system, it is important not to create a balance between price and quality. Evans Mechanical is prepared to be your number one source for HVAC services in Eureka and the place to go in Humboldt County for HVAC Products. With more than 20 years of serving the community, we know how to deliver the best products and service to all our customers.

Air Conditioning & Heating Products

Evans Mechanical has fully factory trained service technicians that can install heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality and HVAC accessories. Among our most popular HVAC products are:

  • ductless systems
  • evaporator coils
  • air conditioners
  • furnaces
  • heat pumps

Indoor Air Quality Products

Indoor Air QualityMany homes can lower their monthly energy bills by simply improving the quality of their indoor air. Anything from high humidity levels to pollens invading your air space can make the coolest air seem uncomfortable.

  • removing pollutants from the air can make you breathe easier with a quality air filter
  • decreasing the humidity level of your room with a dehumidifier can help you save money while feeling cooler

Consult with your service professional to schedule an Indoor Air Quality assessment and learn what combination of HVAC accessories can maximize the comfort of your home.

Quality Products and Materials Save You Money

Air conditioning and heating systems should give you decades of trouble free performance, especially if they are properly maintained. However, if you get inferior materials or low cost quality, you may end up paying a lot more for service and repair calls over the service life of your systems. The problem is, many homeowners see small losses add up over a number of years, only to realize the problem is with the quality of their products.

Evans Mechanical, a business with more than 20 years experience providing AC repair and water heater solutions, is always focused on your comfort. Whenever you pick up the phone and call us, you’ll receive exceptional customer service. You’ll immediately see why we’re the best HVAC company in Eureka and surrounding areas!