3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Furnace

Used Furnace in Eureka, CA

The idea of buying a used furnace is an appealing option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on a brand-new unit. However, a used furnace often ends up being more trouble than it is worth. Let’s look at some reasons why used furnaces aren’t ideal.

Potential Safety Hazard

You can’t test drive a furnace. You will either need a lot of HVAC knowledge or a licensed professional to perform quality checks. Most sellers usually do not keep up with performance or maintenance reports. Many internal and external safety hazards could also go unnoticed when purchasing a used furnace. Furthermore, used units most likely won’t come with a warranty, which could mean more repair costs out of your pocket.

Installation Issues

Furnaces purchased from a private seller are not furnaces that HVAC companies can trust. They don’t typically come with the appropriate history documentation that contractors need for installation or repairs. This makes contractors wary because of potential liabilities and they may refuse to serve you. The most prevalent safety hazards are due to poor operation or installation and is not something you should attempt to do yourself.

Your Furnace May Not Pass Inspection

Gas companies and licensed professionals are legally obligated to mark furnaces with a red tag if they are considered unsafe. If your furnace gets a red tag, you must replace or repair the unit immediately. It is important that whatever unit you go with passes inspection so that warranties remain intact.

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