4 Signs Your AC Has Storm Damage

AC Storm Damage in Eureka, CA

While Eureka’s climate is relatively mild compared to other areas in California, we do experience occasional storms. Wind, heavy rains, and flooding may happen, which could potentially cause damage to your home’s air conditioner. Not all of this damage may be visible or apparent at first. And if not detected, it could lead to further damage or promote a hazardous situation.
Here are four signs that your AC may have storm damage and requires repair from a professional air conditioning technician.

1. Your AC Won’t Turn on After a Storm

Power surges are common during a bad storm. Your AC may or may not turn back on after one. A surge can fry your system’s electrical components or damage its compressor. If your AC won’t turn on or it does turn on, but you had electronic items damaged during a surge, it is time to call for a checkup and possibly a repair.

2. Your AC Keeps Tripping Its Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers act as a safety mechanism and trip when something is not right with your electrical system. If your AC’s circuit breaker keeps flipping back off after you reset it, your unit may have been damaged from a power surge during a storm.

3. Your AC Makes Weird Noises

All air conditioners make a little noise. But if yours is suddenly making new sounds after a storm, it could likely have damage or have debris in it. It is best to turn off your AC until a professional can inspect it.

4. Your AC Is Not Cooling as It Should

Does it seem like the air coming out of your vents is not as cold after the storm has passed? Your system may have a leak because its refrigerant line was damaged during the storm. If not repaired, eventually, your system will stop cooling completely and could experience further damage.

Professional and Reliable AC Repair

If you think a storm has damaged your AC, don’t put off having it repaired. In Eureka, call Evans Mechanical to schedule your next repair service. We are also able to install, replace, repair, and maintain all brands and types of heating and cooling units. Other of our services include water heaters, as well as indoor air quality audits, and their proven solutions. We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.

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