How Do AC Coils Get Dirty

AC Maintenance in Eureka, CA

The air conditioner is critical for keeping a home comfortable in summer. But, like any other machine, it needs regular maintenance to keep it running properly. One of the most common issues with air conditioners is that the coils get dirty. The buildup of dirt on the coils makes it difficult for the system to absorb and dump heat from the air, reducing its efficiency.

Causes of Dirt on AC Coils

Air conditioner coils can become dirty due to various natural factors, such as outdoor air pollutants, dust, mold, and dirt. These pollutants can make their way into the system and collect on the coils, causing the coils to become inefficient and produce higher energy bills. If left unchecked, this buildup can eventually lead to coil failure.

Effects of Dirty Coils

The effects of dirty coils are two-fold. Besides reducing efficiency and increasing energy costs, dirty coils can also cause the air conditioner to break down. If the dirt on the coils is too heavy, it can physically damage components of the system and reduce its lifespan. Dirt buildup also acts as an insulator and blocks the airflow that the coils require to do their job effectively. As a result, there is little to no heat released or absorbed by the coils, which is the process that is supposed to keep your home cool.

How to Clean Dirty AC Coils

In order to avoid these issues, your air conditioner’s coils must stay as clean as possible through regular maintenance. You can ensure that your AC filter is changed every month. On the other hand, you can schedule maintenance with our professionals from Evans Mechanical. Not only will they be able to clean your coils, but they will also be able to fix any problems that may arise during the process.

Rely on the Professionals

Residents of Eureka and surrounding areas know the importance of having an efficient AC. To receive the best repair and maintenance for your AC, call us at Evans Mechanical. We are also experts in heating repair, maintenance, and installation. Additionally, if you need assistance with your indoor air quality, our technicians will be happy to help.