How Do Home Solar Panels Work?

Residential solar panels are becoming more affordable and accessible nationwide. That has led to increased interest from homeowners who now view them as a practical way to save. With that in mind, let us consider how this technology works, the cost advantages and the installation process.

How Solar Panels Work

Although solar panels vary from one brand and model to the next, they are all fundamentally the same. These panels contain photovoltaic cells that are able to convert sunlight into electricity. In a nutshell, this happens as electrons are freed from atoms, which creates an electrical flow.

The connection between the solar panel array and the grid allows DC electricity to be converted into the AC electricity that the home can use. Any surplus is fed to the grid for use by other utility customers, and the electric company gives you a credit on your bill based on the amount provided.

Cost Benefits Associated With Solar Panels

Evans Mechanical has helped many customers throughout Eureka and the surrounding areas lower their electric bills. Solar panels provide free energy, which offsets your electric costs. Any surplus electricity created offsets the cost of the grid power you do have to use. These panels do, of course, have an up-front cost to consider, but this can be offset through credits, rebates, and other opportunities.

How Solar Panels Are Installed

Although installation processes can vary, the overall structure is generally the same. After a technician assesses the site, permits and documents must be acquired. Then, the equipment is ordered. After the panels are physically installed, an independent inspection—usually by a government representative—must be conducted before the switch is flipped and your system is active.

Consider Solar for Your Home Today

Evans Mechanical is proud to be a leading supplier of solar solutions in this region. Our company also offers a full range of services related to heating, air conditioning, water heaters, and indoor air quality. If you have any questions about solar energy or want to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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