How Does a Water Heater Work

Most homes in the United States rely on a conventional storage water heater for their hot water. These are usually either electric or natural gas, depending upon which energy source is less expensive in a given area. Although they are vital pieces of equipment in a normal residence, the homeowner usually doesn’t quite grasp how the hot water is produced. Here are the basic principles of how your water heater works.

Dip Tube, Burner and Chimney

Coldwater is brought into the water heater through a dip tube. The dip tube enters the top of your water heater and extends down to the bottom where it is heated by either electricity or the combustion of gas. After gas burns, its remnants are moved up through a chimney and out of your house. The chimney also warms the water around it.

Heat-Out Pipe and Thermostat

A heat-out pipe is the means by which heated water gets into your home’s plumbing system. When you turn on a hot water faucet, cold water enters the water heater through the dip tube. This displaces the hot water already there and pushes it into the heat-out pipe. There is a thermostat on the side of your water heater that you set to determine how hot the water will get.

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T&P Valve, Anode Rod and Drain Valve

There are also safety devices in your water heater. The T&P valve will open and release water if the temperature inside the unit gets too hot or if the pressure gets too high. This prevents water heaters from exploding. There is also an anode rod inside, which rusts faster than the water heater’s metal does. This prevents rust damage and buildup. The drain valve is used to periodically drain the water tank so the sediment can be removed.

Your HVAC Specialists

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