How Energy Efficient Are Solar Panels?

Solar Solar panels are one of the most efficient sources of energy. They convert light into electricity. The most powerful source of light for solar panels is the sun, hence the name ‘solar’ panel. The energy efficiency of solar panels is measured by the amount of sunlight they can convert into electricity for use. It is measured in percentages. They are tested under hail, snow, wind, chemical residue, ice, thermal cycling, UV degradation, insulation resistance, and damp heat. The testing is done in automated facilities to reduce the presence of low-quality panels in the market. Efficiency metrics are different for different brands.

Efficient Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels
They are made from pure silicone. They are easy to identify because of their dark color and their edge which appears rounded. Silicone crystals are grown into long rods which are used to make the solar panels. They are very energy efficient with an efficiency percentage of 15 to 20. They are the most efficient solar panels. They are durable and their cost of installation cost is not high. They lose efficiency when sunlight reaches fifty degrees Celsius but the loss is minimal.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels
These solar panels are efficient as well. They are just not as efficient as the monocrystalline panels. Their efficiency ranges from 13 to 16% and they can be identified by their square cut and blue speckled color. The silicone used on these panels is grown in blocks and not as individual cells. Their heat resistance is lower than monocrystalline solar panels.

Thin Film Solar Panels
These solar panels have an efficiency of 7 to 13 %. They are very flexible and lightweight. They are not very difficult to produce and are mostly suited for large scale projects. They degrade faster than mono -and polycrystalline solar panels and they require a lot of space for installation.

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