How Good is the Water Quality in Eureka?

A recent study in California shows that lead contamination is the most significant risk that may compromise the quality of water. The report elaborates that the primary source of lead comes from paint especially in old homes and infrastructure. But how does lead contaminant find a way into the water?

Leaking Pipes
Leaking water pipes have been shown to be the number one way through which contaminants get to drinking water. Typically, the high pressure in main water pipes is too high that it forces water out through the leaks, preventing foreign substances from getting in. However, a significant drop in pressure causes water around the leakage to be sucked inside the pipe.

Valve or Pump Failure
Apart from pipe leakages, dynamic drop in water pressure can result from a failure in valve or pumps. When such devices malfunction it causes the sudden change of water velocity. A small difference in speed is enough for contaminants to be introduced into the clean water.

The pressure drops due to a sudden change in water velocity is usually experienced when large volumes of water are drawn. One instance where a significant amount of water is needed is during firefighting. To protect your home from such occurrence, you need to contact a trained plumber to limit pressure drop occurrence.

How to Avoid Water Contamination
Prevention is better than cure. To protect yourself and family from contaminated water, you need to ensure water leakages and bursts are managed. Evans Mechanical advice you to ensure the following are done:

Lagging of Pipes
Water pipes crack mostly during winter because of freezing temperatures. When frozen water inside the pipes turns to ice, exerting enormous pressure on the pipes which eventually break if not lagged.

Regularly Check Piping System
Faults in the piping system can result in bursting of water pipes. Some of the flaws can be detected through regular checking and servicing of piping systems. A checkup can protect you from massive losses and damages.

The quality of water need not be compromised. Take the required steps to protect yourself, family and property from water contamination. For all your water heater needs contact Evans Mechanical Eureka, CA.