How To Prepare For Winter Weather On The Way To Humboldt County

The high temperatures and humidity are gradually subsiding as fall is drawing to an end. Soon, homeowners will be thinking of heating their homes and preparing for the colder months. Officials have confirmed that winter weather on the way to Humboldt County so it is time to prepare your plumbing and HVAC system.

Water leaks are a common problem that most homeowners face during winter times. If they are left untreated, they can lead to bigger problems. In fact, even the smallest leak in one of the pipes can cause it to burst inside the house. You should rectify leaks by hiring a professional plumber. But before you contact a plumbing company, it is important to insulate all the pipes that run to your home.

Insulating pipes will keep them warm and prevent them from bursting. You can buy some pipe insulation from your local hardware store. The next step is to call a heating and cooling expert for AC tune-ups. This should be done during late summer or early fall.

Most homeowners depend on HVAC services for seasonal tune-ups and inspections in order to ensure their heating devices work efficiently. However, it is important to use the most qualified technicians who are experienced in performing plumbing maintenance. Keep in mind that if your plumbing components are not serviced appropriately, they will cause havoc to your home.

It is not advisable to wait until you have a problem with your plumbing before contacting a plumber in your area. Instead, you should consider scheduling regular servicing or maintenance so that the plumber can spot any potential repairs before they escalate further. This is especially important before and after winter.

Some of the main factors to take into account when it comes to preventing plumbing problems include sealing the gaps that are close to pipes. Cold air can seep into any uninsulated areas like the attic, garage, and other crawlspaces. You can find a variety of products that will effectively seal drafts and insulate pipes.

Outdoor faucets and appliances that can freeze should also be turned drained and turned off. If you are not sure where your main water meter is, contact a local plumbing company for help. It is important to take into account any faucets or hosepipes that are not in use as they should be insulated or disconnected and stored away in the shed or garage. Remember to shut off the water valves otherwise the pipes will freeze and burst.

Gutters that are full of leaves and debris can be dangerous in the freezing weather. Make sure you clean them out in the fall and clear up all the leaves from the driveway to ensure proper drainage. Just before the snow comes, you should put grit or salt in the pathways to avoid slipping.

By taking extra measures before the cold season arrives, you can protect your home and family from disasters. The above tips will help you avoid frozen or burst pipes. However, some of the tasks should be left to an experienced plumber.

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