Ideal Furnace Temperature This Winter

Best Furnace Temperature in Eureka, CA

With the cooler temperatures settling in around northern California, it’s time to get your heater ready to keep things comfortable. As you change your thermostat over to heating, the yearly question of the best temperature rises again. Here are some thoughts for setting the ideal temperature on your furnace this winter.

68 Degree Average

The EPA has published the ideal temperature for the winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is thought to be comfortable for most people and prevents overconsumption of fuel or energy.

However, this may not be the right temperature for your home, as some people may like or need it warmer. When you read the recommendation more closely, this is the average temperature recommendation, so there’s a little room for flexibility.

Why the Air Feels Cold

First, let’s start with why 68 degrees feels cool to many people. As your heater runs, you’ll get an initial warming of the air around your home. However, that warm air quickly rises to your ceiling, leaving the air around you to feel cooler.

It’s easy to fix this using a common ceiling fan. There’s a switch on the side that reverses the blades to a counterclockwise rotation. When this happens on low, the fan gently pulls cooler air up, forcing the warmer air back down where you’ll feel it.

Saving Money With More Heat

It’s also possible to run your heat at a higher temperature but save on energy by following the EPA’s recommendation. Your thermostat likely has a programmable feature, where you can set the temperature based on the time of day.

The EPA recommends lowering your thermostat setting by 7 to 10 degrees while everyone’s away from your home. You can also try lowering the temperature by three to five degrees once everyone’s asleep. Doing this allows you to run a little higher temperature for the time you’re home and awake, but still save on your energy costs.

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