Is a Ductless HVAC System More Cost-Effective?

Ductless Mini-Splits in Eureka, CA

Ductless HVAC systems, often referred to as ductless mini-splits, can be an excellent option for homes or buildings without an existing central air conditioning and/or heating system. These units are extremely energy efficient when heating and cooling, and they also give you far more control as you can set the temperature in each room to whatever you wish without impacting the rest of the building. The only real issue is that mini-splits are typically a bit more expensive to install when compared to installing a central heating or cooling unit like an air conditioner, heat pump or furnace. However, ductless systems are still a cost-effective option depending on your home and your specific needs.

How to Know If a Ductless System Is Right for Your Home

Generally speaking, if your home already has a ducted central HVAC system, it usually doesn’t make sense to also install a mini-split system. However, there are a few exceptions, such as if you’re looking to add heating and cooling to your garage or any other part of the home not connected to your central HVAC system.

Mini-splits can also be a good option if you’re planning on building an addition to your home or you have recently added to it. In this situation, you would need to upgrade to larger central HVAC units since it’s likely that your current units wouldn’t be powerful enough due to the increased square footage.

While upgrading your central units would usually be the best option in this situation, it wouldn’t always make sense if your current units aren’t that old and are still working effectively. This is where a mini-split can be a great, cost-effective alternative as it will help take some of the strain off your existing units while also saving you money since you won’t need to have more ductwork installed.

Mini-splits can also be a great option if your home uses electric heating. This is because the heat transfer process these systems use allows them to heat just as effectively while using at least two to three times less energy than other electric heating options.

If you’re considering a ductless system, our team can evaluate your home and your needs to help you determine whether it is a good option. We install a wide range of heating and cooling units. Additionally, we specialize in HVAC maintenance and repairs as well as indoor air quality and water heater services. Give us a call today at Evans Mechanical if you have any questions or need any HVAC service in the Eureka area.