Is It True Mini-Splits Are More Efficient Than Central Air?

Ductless Mini-Splits in Eureka, CA

Mini-splits are an option to cool your home instead of central air. You may have heard they’re more efficient than central air and are wondering if this is true. They are more efficient than central air in three ways.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Mini split systems are highly energy efficient as they use advanced technology. This allows them to use little energy, which saves you money on your energy bills. They use variable-speed compressors, which means they only run as hard as they need to. Most central air systems only operate at one or two speeds.

SEER is how air conditioning is rated. The higher the SEER rating of a mini split or central air, the more energy efficient it is. Some mini-split systems have a SEER rating that is 30 or more. The SEER rating of central air is usually about 14, with highly energy efficient ones having a rating up to 23.


Mini-splits have built-in zoning. Many models can have up to four indoor air handling units. Each one can be individually operated. This gives you the ability to only cool rooms that you are using. With central air, you have to cool your entire home.

Mini Splits are Ductless

Central air systems use ducts to move air around a home. The problem with ducts is that they develop holes and gaps. It’s estimated that, on average, 30% or more of the cool air produced by central air is lost out of the ducts before reaching the living space of a home.

Mini-splits don’t use ducts. Without ducts, all the cool air produced by a mini split is delivered to the inside of your home.

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