Symptoms of a Dirty Coil

Symptoms of a Dirty CoilThe evaporator coil is one part of an air conditioner that can cause problems when long-term maintenance is neglected. Its job is to absorb heat from your living space and transfer it elsewhere. When it becomes dirty, its ability to do this efficiently is compromised. There are three main signs that an evaporator coil needs cleaning.

Air Conditioning Loses Cooling Capacity

One thing that will be noticeable when the evaporator coil is dirty is that your AC won’t produce air that’s as cold as it should be. When the heat transfer is reduced, the efficiency of the cooling process is impacted. If it becomes clear that the AC isn’t cooling your air, have the evaporator coil inspected.

Air Conditioning Runs Longer

Another way you might notice a problem is when the AC begins to run for longer cycles to accomplish the same amount of cooling in your home. When the air it produces isn’t as cold, it must produce more air to bring the temperature in your home down to your target. If you notice this happen, the evaporator coil may be the culprit.

Coil Develops Frost During Operation

An extremely dirty evaporator coil can cause your AC to breakdown completely. This happens when condensation forms on the dirt and then freezes during the AC’s operation. The buildup of frost stops the heat transfer with the air in your home, which causes the air conditioner to stop cooling air at all.

Have an HVAC Professional Clean Your Coils

Have an HVAC Professional Clean Your CoilsThe evaporating coil inside your air conditioner is difficult to reach, so it’s best to let trained technicians clean it. They can access, clean, and seal it properly to ensure your AC will continue operating at peak efficiency. They’ll also identify any other maintenance needed in the process.

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