The Basics of How a Plumber Installs a New Water Heater

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When you need to replace your home’s water heater, you may quickly realize the job can call for tools and skills that you might not have. You may need to hire a professional plumber to handle it for you. However, you also may be curious about what the plumber will actually do when putting in this appliance.

Setting Up the Tank

The plumber you hire will first set the new tank in its place and install a new T&P valve for it. It is critical you avoid using the valve from the old water heater. You need to use a new one each time you replace this appliance.

Your plumber will also install the water heater’s discharge pipe. They may put a bucket under the pipe if there is no drain under the water heater.

Connecting the Water

After your plumber sets up the water heater, they will then connect it to the water. This step is critical, and your plumber will also ensure that the new water heater does not leak.

Part of connecting the water to the water heater can also involve:

  • Installing and securing the heater’s fittings
  • Securing the compression nut
  • Installing seismic straps
  • Filling up and flushing the tank

Your plumber will likewise connect the wiring from the water heater by attaching the ground wire and twisting the wires together as directed by the connection guide that should come with the water heater.

Setting the Temperature

The final step of installing your home’s new water heater involves turning it on and setting it at the desired temperature. Your plumber will also check the discharge pipe to ensure it is functioning properly and likewise check the aeration to ensure that it is free from sediment.

Look to Plumbing Pros

Installing a new water heater is a big job that many homeowners would rather not tackle alone. To get your new water heater put in your home, look to our experienced plumbers for help. We also install, service, and maintain furnaces and air conditioners. Contact us today at Evans Mechanical to learn more about our water heater installation services.