Understanding Different Thermostat Modes/Settings

Thermostat Settings in Eureka, CA

Air conditioning jargon can sometimes be confusing for many air conditioner users. With the new technology added to the modern thermostats, this becomes even harder. Essentially, thermostat modes are the different configurations that your AC uses to render the comfort you need in your house. Here we will debunk these modes and tell you what they do.

1. Cool Mode

Most homesteads have their air conditioner running at cool mode. Essentially, the cool mode uses the fans and the compressor to take out the heat in your house. In addition to the compressor and the fans, the AC uses sensors to detect when a certain level of temperature is achieved. Basically, on achieving the optimum temperatures, the compressor stops, and the fan’s speed is adjusted to keep cool in your house.

2. Fan Mode

The fan mode is responsible for keeping the AC’s fan running. Typically, the rotating blades pick the heat in the house and circulate. Normally, this creates a cooling effect.

3. Dry Mode

Most homes located in humid areas use this mode. First, the thermostat turns on the compressor in bursts until all the humidity is driven out of the house. The compressor is then turned off, and the fan’s speed is adjusted to allow better air circulation.

4. Heat Mode

This mode is critical for homes located in cold areas. When running on this mode, the air conditioner reverses the airflow. Consequently, this keeps the indoor environment warm. In addition to keeping the house warm, this mode is also a great cost-saving trick.

5. Eco Mode

In eco mode, you get to save the most when it comes to energy bills. This is because the mode raises the temperatures by a few degrees. This leads to less usage of the compressor and, therefore, less consumption of electricity.

6. Auto Mode

Essentially, the AC decides the conditioning your house needs. This is done through various temperature and humidity sensors. These sensors detect when the temperatures have risen past a particular point and initiate a cooling process. When the temperatures go below the preset configuration, the thermostat initiates a heating procedure to restore the balanced environment. This mode is responsible for using all the components of an AC: compressor, condenser, and fans.

Different thermostat modes allow you to configure your AC according to your specific needs. With the above list, you get to understand the modes and how they perform regarding your finances. At Evans Mechanical, we offer AC maintenance, repair, and installation services to Eureka residents. For more on the best mode to use, contact Evans Mechanical today and get assistance.

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