What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need for My Home?

Air Conditioner in Eureka, California

Finding the right air conditioner for your home requires some research. You want one large enough to cool your house without breaking the bank and small enough for efficiency.

An air conditioner that is too large will cost you more and use more energy than needed. Eureka summers may be mild, but when the humidity is high air conditioners also act as dehumidifiers. A unit that’s too large won’t be as effective in dehumidifying your home.

Installing an air conditioner that is too small won’t cool your home effectively and will run constantly trying to keep up. The constant use puts unnecessary wear on the unit and hurts your wallet with a large energy bill.

Factors When Choosing an Air Conditioner

It’s essential to calculate the size of each room based on the amount of BTUs needed to cool it. Ideally, a room will need 25 BTUs per square foot to cool efficiently. In simplest terms, this means a 10-foot-by-10-foot room, which is 100 square feet, will need 2,500 BTUs. This can be a complicated calculation, and it’s often best to work with a professional that can factor in your home’s layout and other considerations.

The size of your home is only one consideration when choosing an air conditioner. Other factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner include:

  • The number of windows in your home
  • Two-story entranceways and high ceilings
  • Local climate and humidity
  • How shady your home is
  • The amount of heat produced by appliances
  • How many people live in your home

All of these considerations will help determine how much cooling your home needs throughout the warm months. The experts at Evans Mechanical can help determine what size of air conditioner would be most suitable for your home.

Installing the Right Air Conditioner

If you’re a Eureka homeowner who needs a new air conditioner, Evans Mechanical can help. We can install repair and maintenance of all major brands of air conditioners. We are also indoor air quality specialists and can help with your heating needs and provide 24-hour emergency repair service.

For help determining the perfect size air conditioner for your home, call Evans Mechanical today!