When Does My Landlord Have to Repair My AC?

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No one should be stuck without air conditioning during the sweltering summer days. While homeowners can easily call for repairs, tenants are often at the mercy of their landlords. As a tenant, you have to rely on your lease agreement for many of your repair needs. Here’s how long your landlord may be able to leave you without vital air conditioning.

Landlord-Tenant Laws

Your landlord is legally bound to the stipulations in your lease. If your lease puts you in charge of common maintenance issues, your landlord may not have any legal reason to repair your AC. However, if the AC was working when you moved in and your landlord is responsible for it, they have to repair your unit as soon as possible.

The exact timeframe in which your landlord must complete repairs depends on your state. Your landlord may have to fix your AC in as little as 10 days or within as many as 30. If the repair is directly affecting your safety, you likely won’t have to wait as long. The best way to learn about your landlord’s responsibilities is to research your landlord-tenant laws.

Other emergencies that may speed up repair times include leaking water or extreme heat. Water leaks can cause damage to other parts of the home, which may affect the integrity and safety of the building. Extreme heat poses an intense safety risk to residents, especially those at higher risk like the elderly or children.

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