You Don’t Want to Hear These 5 HVAC Sounds

Do you hear weird noises coming from your HVAC system? These strange sounds may be a sign your air conditioning or heating system is about to fail. When your system is operating normally, it should only make a few clicks. Certain sounds mean it’s time to call a professional company for an inspection. Here are a few noises you do not want to hear.

Screeching or Squealing

A screeching noise coming from your unit may be an indication of a motor bearing problem or a bad belt. A belt replacement is an easy and inexpensive fix. You should always replace your belt before they break. Once they snap off, the blower will no longer work. Squealing can also be caused by parts that have lost lubrication. You can apply a little oil to the motor to stop the squealing sound.

Loud Banging, Thumping, Rattling, or Clanking Noises

These loud sounds indicate that you may have an issue with the motor or the assembly. Rattling sounds are usually the first sign that something is coming loose. The heavier banging sounds might be a clue that a part is broken. If that is the case, you need to call a professional company out for a service call.


Thwapping sounds like a card in the spokes of a bicycle. When you hear this sound, there might be something caught in the blower blades. It is not a serious problem, but you want to remove any obstruction to avoid issues with the motor.

Continuous Clicking Sounds

Normal clicking sounds happen when the HVAC unit turns on and off. Repeated clicking sounds are not good. If these sounds are coming from the panel or compressor, your relay might be bad and need a replacement.

Rattling From the Fan or Outside Compressor

A properly working compressor will not rattle. If your unit is rattling, the motor could be failing. Louder sounds are good indications that a major part has failed. Any noise from the compressor needs to be inspected by a trained technician.

If you hear any of these noises, you need to call a professional heating repair company. At Evans Mechanical, our team can inspect your system and find the source of the problem. We handle all types of heating and cooling system services. Call Evans Mechanical in Eureka to schedule a repair visit today.

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