How Good is the Water Quality in Eureka?

A recent study in California shows that lead contamination is the most significant risk that may compromise the quality of water. The report elaborates that the primary source of lead comes from paint especially in old homes and infrastructure. But how does lead contaminant find a way into the water? Leaking Pipes Leaking water pipes have been shown to be the number one way through which contaminants get to drinking water. Typically, the high pressure in main water pipes is too high that it forces water out through the leaks, preventing foreign substances from getting in. However, a significant drop in pressure causes water around the leakage to be sucked inside the pipe. Valve or Pump Failure Apart from pipe leakages, dynamic drop in water pressure can result from a failure in valve or pumps. When such devices malfunction it causes the sudden change of water velocity. A small difference in speed is enough for contaminants to be introduced into the clean water. The pressure drops due to a sudden change in water velocity is usually experienced when large volumes of water are drawn. One instance where a significant amount of water is needed is during firefighting. To protect your...

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Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

When you are looking to make an improvement to your home, one great option to consider would be to install a tankless water heater. For those that are in the Eureka, CA area, there are a wide range of advantages that come with choosing a tankless water heater as opposed to the traditional version with a tank. Unlimited Hot Water One of the main advantages of going with a tankless option when you are looking for a water heater replacement is that a tankless water heater has an unlimited source of hot water. When you purchase a water heater that comes with a tank, it will always have a limited amount of reply. For a family that has a lot of people that need to take showers around the same time of the day, this can be very problematic as they will likely run out of hot water on a daily basis. When you choose a tankless water heater, the water will be heated instantaneously and is effectively limitless. Higher Efficiency Another advantage of tankless water heaters is that they are far more efficient than traditional water heaters. If you have a traditional water heater with a tank, it will...

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Replacing Your Furnace in Eureka, CA

Even if your furnace is currently working, it might be time to think about replacing it. You don’t want to wait until it breaks down in the dead of winter and you are forced to replace it. These type of furnace emergencies often mean that you choose a new furnace based on what is in stock and can be put in the fastest, not necessarily what is the most efficient or the best bargain. When considering whether or not your furnace needs to be replaced in your Humboldt County home, there are a few variables to think about: 1. The age of your furnace. The life expectancy of a furnace is really only about 15 years. If yours is getting close to that, it might be time to search for a company that services heating in Eureka to look into your replacement options. If the furnace was already installed when you purchased your house, you can call the manufacturer and give them the serial number and they will be able to tell you the age of your furnace. 2. Efficiency rating. Older furnaces are less efficient and it may actually save you money in the long run to replace your furnace....

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Common HVAC Issues

Your HVAC system is a complex arrangement of heating, cooling, and ventilation components that work together to make your home comfortable. If one of the components of the system breaks, it can make your equipment function less efficiently or not at all. Keeping your system in good working order helps your family feel more comfortable while also decreasing energy costs. Even if your HVAC system breaks, many common problems are easy to troubleshoot on your own. A few common HVAC problems are: A dirty filter. Your filters need to be changed monthly but many homeowners lose track of time and forget. A dirty filter can clog and cause your HVAC unit to quit working properly. This increases strain on your equipment and can cause it to break down. If you notice your air conditioner is not working correctly and you cannot remember when you last changed your filters, a clean filter is a good place to start to see if you can get it up and running properly. A breaker is tripped. If your air conditioner is completely unresponsive, the culprit may be a tripped breaker. Go to your breaker box and flip the switch connected to your HVAC unit...

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Are AC Tune-Ups Worth It?

There is not a machine in existence designed to run forever. At least not without receiving scheduled maintenance. It is true that HVAC technology has made great strides in recent years, and most can endure a long stretch of sustained usage without succumbing to wear or crippling malfunction. But even cutting-edge AC units are prone to unforeseen damage and the like. Extended periods of dormancy, for instance, can often result in rust and debris accumulation on and around your air conditioning unit, neither of which is ideal for any mechanical instrument. On the other side of the equation, high output on a steady basis is certain to result in wear throughout the cooling system’s inner workings. The residents of are closely acquainted with hot summer months and with the sound of an AC unit humming away during the daylight hours. And quite often, the system is performing wonderfully. When it isn’t, however, you might need the experts at to take a look at the issue. In setting aside time for regularly scheduled tune-ups, you will both extend the life of your air conditioning unit and reduce the likelihood of a major mechanical problem, disabling the system entirely. There are simply too...

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Are Expensive Air Filters Worth It?

A clogged, gunky air filter can cut your air flow down to a dribble. An air filter is a small thing, and decidedly not an exciting part of home improvement, but it keeps your entire HVAC system humming right along. A filthy filter can restrict airflow, preventing the system from working like it’s supposed to and that can eventually lead to a breakdown. Your air filter traps small air particles (dust, pollen, pet particles) smoke from the air. You may not suffer from allergies, but perhaps you have an in indoor Because of this, there’ll be an accumulation dust and dirt in your living quarters. Should you splurge for the more expensive air filter? Are they worth it? To improve indoor air quality with a new air filter, it’s wise to do your research or contact your local, professional AC maintenance and repair company directly. in is a great resource. Also, get to know MERV! This is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values which scales AC filter efficiency on a scale of 1-20. Below are some typical choices: Fiberglass 1” spun fiberglass. It keeps big particles of debris out but does little to clean the air. MERV 2-3, $1-5 Pleated Polyester...

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How to Choose an AC Company

We’re all looking for the best deal when it comes to air conditioning whether it be in AC installation, AC repair or AC maintenance. In , there are a lot of options for air conditioning companies. Many of those options, though, are real stinkers. They won’t provide you with the great service and quality products that a truly top tier air conditioning company like will. But what’s there to look for in a good air conditioning company? The sheer amount of things to think about when choosing a company can be overwhelming but here are a few pieces of information to consider. One thing to examine is whether or not their staff is well versed in product knowledge. You want to know exactly what type of products you’re getting when you buy an AC unit or furnace, so you’re going to need a company with an understanding of their inventory. Here at , we train all our staff to know our air conditioning units and furnaces like the back of their hands so that when you have a question, we have the answer. You should think about an AC company’s customer service. A company that doesn’t value their customer isn’t...

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5 Tips to Keep Your AC Unit Running Efficiently

Now that summer is here, recommends you get an AC tune up. While our trained technicians will check everything to make sure your HVAC unit is summer-ready, there are a few steps you can take to keep your unit running at its best: 1. Change your air filter every 30 to 60 days, depending on how often the system is in use. This is the equivalent of checking your car’s oil on a regular basis. Put in a new filter at the start of the summer, and at least once every one to two months after that. If you live in a windy area or you suffer from allergies, consider changing it more often. 2. Keep the area around your AC unit clean. Remove debris like leaves from the area, and sweep up and remove other foreign objects that could impact its performance. 3. Pay attention to your vents. Take a vacuum to indoor vents to keep them unblocked, and vacuum dust and other debris from indoor supply vents to help keep a steady flow of air from your system. Keep furniture, blinds, toys and litter boxes away from vents, to keep from blocking them. 4. Adjusting your thermostat up...

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What To Do In The Event Of Emergency Plumbing Eureka CA

If you are facing a broken water pipe, this may not be the only emergency problem to watch out for. Clogged pipes can lead to many other disasters and in worst case scenario, they can stop the whole water flow system in your home. The next time you are experiencing emergency plumbing Eureka CA plumbers should be contacted immediately.

Emergency Tips From A Professional Plumber In Eureka CA

Plumbing emergencies are not uncommon and can spell disaster without the right steps to implement immediate control. The recommendations provided by a plumber in Eureka CA provides expert guidelines on how to approach fixtures and manage potential disasters. When things go wrong with water systems, it is important to remain calm and to proceed to prevent extensive and costly damages.